Game Applications
I worked with Honeytribe Studios for two years as an artist and animator, the focus of time was on Yam Yam Puzzle Guardians, a family puzzle game. I was the sole artist for this project.
A variety of my animations including my showreel, a short animation and some idents.
Fublin Designs
I created my own range of t-shirt and clothing designs under the name Fublin, I wanted to experiment with creating images with a limited colour palette and find bold effective designs that would work well on clothing.
Mobile Accessory Club (Packaging and Product Design)
For the last two and a half years I worked as the design and marketing executive at Mobile Accessory Club, a company which specialised in creating and supplying mobile phone accessories. My duties consisted of creating packaging designs and product designs as well as various other creative aspects of their company
Fan Posters
In my spare time between projects I like to create fan posters based on various films, shows and even youtube channels I like to watch. Here are a few of those
Pixel Art
Some examples of Pixel Art I have created for my own personal projects
Personal Projects
Here are some samples of various independent projects I've been working on including T-shirt designs, some personal illustrations from a book I've been creating and a freelance project
University Work
These are the pages of my previous portfolio that I created in university where I studied digital animation
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